Development Resource Program

In keeping with Signs of Development's constant pursuit & commitment to bring quality development materials to interpreters, educators, & students of ASL & interpreting, we are making our library of nearly 80 WWWorkshops available to Interpreter Preparation Programs for free! Our WWWorkshops have been used by many students & educators for years and since many programs are experiencing funding cuts for lab materials, we want to help!

If you are a student in an ITP/IEP/IPP whether online or at a college or university, encourage the Director or a representative of that institution to contact us. This DRP will be made available on an institution level only. The Director will distribute the log in & password information to those who are currently enrolled in the training program.

We look forward to spreading the incredible work of our presenters & supporting the work of interpreter educators!

For more information on access to this program, please complete this form.

Note: Students & educators who wish to use these materials for their CEU requirements or needing certificates of completion may do that through our SWAP program. No other CEU sponsor may grant credit on Signs' materials.

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Workshop Title Product Code
1000 ASL FacesPDS0101DD
1000 Fingerspelled WordsPDS0102DD
1000 Jokes and StoriesPDS0104DD
ASL FeaturesPDS1601DD
ASL Sentence TypesPDS0103DD
Academic ASLPDS0401DD
American Deaf CulturePDS1901DD
An Intro to ASL LinguisticsPDS0601DD
Applying Business EthicsPDS0005DD
Around the Globe-CitiesPDS0802DD
Around the Globe-CountriesPDS0803DD
Around the Globe-IDPDS0801DD
Around the Globe-Middle EastPDS0804DD
Business of Interpreting Dollars and SensePDS0003DD
Challenges of Working OutsidePDS2202DD
Classy ClassifiersPDS3002DD
Cognitive ProcessingPDS3651DD
Construct in ASL HowPDS0105DD
Cookin with CulturePDS3601DD
Cookin with HumorPDS3600DD
Deaf Childhood DevelopmentPDS2101DD
Deaf MentorsPDS1102DD
Deaf Perspective of K-12PDS0301DD
Dealing with Multiple RolesPDS2201DD
Discussing DiscoursePDS3650DD
Domestic ViolencePDS1201DD
English EquivalentsPDS3003DD
Foundations of EducationPDS1001DD
Gender DifferencesPDS1301DD
Gigabyte MePDS1401DD
HIPAA and InterpretersPDS2501DD
How Can I Interpret CalcPDS1501DD
How Can I Interpret ChemistryPDS1503DD
How Can I Interpret ClassifiersPDS1502DD
IDEA for InterpretersPDS1701DD
Incorporating Metaphor and IdiomsPDS2800DD
International Cities and Historical Signs CD 3PDS0305DD
Interpreting HIV AIDSPDS1800DD
K 12 Interp Teachers PerspectivePDS0701DD
Language AcquisitionPDS2901DD
Language Interp Self AssessmentPDS5010DD
Math InterpretingPDS0201DD
Mental HealthPDS0501DD
Negotiating Technical TopicsPDS1511DD
PowerFULL LanguagePDS3501DD
Prognosis ExcellentPDS2502DD
Register Comparing ASL and EnglishPDS0603DD
Second Language ProficiencyPDS0403DD
Seeing VoicesPDS0001DD
Sensitive LanguagePDS1101DD
Sign to Voice InterpretingPDS2601DD
Sports and PE SignsPDS0304DD
Statistics SignsPDS0402DD
Theatrics to Enhance Interpreting SkillsPDS3001DD
Visual VernacularPDS0602DD
Working With Deaf PerformersPDS3652DD
Signs Resource DictionarySRD300